Sogkräfte. Ein Leben zwischen Deutschland und Russland

A life between two worlds. In this book, Karin van Mourik recounts her eventful life. The multilingual Freiburg native and internationally active entrepreneur with four decades of experience in Russia reports on curious experiences, touching encounters and everyday experiences from the vanished Soviet Union, from times of upheaval and from Russia's more recent past. Critical and open, with a lot of humour and empathy, not judgmental, but always observing closely. The result is a nuanced picture of a country and its people. At a time when German-Russian relations are being severely tested by the war of aggression against Ukraine, the book makes a valuable attempt at understanding and shows cultural transfer in practice. It thus becomes clear that dialogue is possible, indeed indispensable.

Karin van Mourik

Karin van Mourik studied Slavic and Romance languages. She first worked as an interpreter and translator in the Soviet Union before becoming a successful business consultant and entrepreneur in Russia in 1990.

She was a member of the Federal Board of the Association of German Women Entrepreneurs and Secretary General of the World Federation of Women Entrepreneurs FCEM (Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises Mondiales).